MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy Course® (Level 3)

Long hidden esoteric techniques to heal Psychological problems

Pranic Psychotherapy Course®

P In MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy Course, you learn easy though effective technique to healing psychological disorders like stress, tension, grief, hysteria, depression, anxiety, hallucination , addictions and many other psychological disorders.

Pranic Psychotherapy Course

2 Days | 12 Hours

With Pranic Psychotherapy its possible to gradually alter patient's mood, behaviour and thinking.

by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS)

Releasing psychological energies can be a challenging and time-consuming process through traditional psychotherapy, taking months or even years to see any improvement. However, Pranic Psychotherapy® provides a faster and safer approach to releasing these debilitating energetic patterns.

What will you learn ?

  • Removing Negative Psychological Energies
    You will understand thoughts/emotions and how they affect us and also how to get rid of negative psychological energies.
  • Healing the Effects of Psychic Attacks
    You will learn to heal the after-effects of psychic attacks and how to relieve patients in a short period of time.
  • Repairing Protective Web
    Learn how to repair the protective mechanism of chakras so that the person becomes immune to negative psychological energies.
  • Purging Negative Programming
    You will also learn to remove old negative programs that were instilled in childhood.
  • Transmutation of Sex Energy
    You will learn to transmute sexual energy for mental and spiritual development.
  • Understanding and Healing Psychological Disorders
    You will learn the psychological functions of chakras and how to treat specific chakras for specific psychological disorders.
  • Disintegrating Own Negative Thought Patterns
    Sometimes negative patterns attract the same negative situations in life again and again. You will learn to remove such patterns to transform your life.
  • Shielding Techniques to Protect Your Chakras
    You will learn how to protect your chakras and aura from negative energy from other people and places.

Testimonials of Pranic Psychotherapy Healers

Join us to learn esoteric secrets of healing Psychological diorders and ailments.

Pranic Psychothrrapy empowers you to become better version of you by helping you remove psychological garbage which you are holding from long.