In the world of human beings exists various other forms of worlds where we spend most times of our lives, like our home, our workplace, the place where we spend our time with friends, etc. 

As important it is for us to forgive people in our personal relationships, it is equally significant for us to apologize and ask for forgiveness from people we spend most time of our day with, that is from the people from our place of work. 

You may ask why, as you may have a preconceived notion that we can be fine with however our relations at work go since they don’t matter much. But this is a wrong perspective to see things. Our behavior and actions at our workplace are greatly responsible for building our whole character in general since we devote the maximum part of our day at our place of work and therefore the behavioral instinct displayed there is a pure reflection of our overall identity.

The act of forgiveness at  the workplace helps an individual in the following manner: 

  • Cordial Relations with Superiors and Subordinates: 

Forgiveness helps us in swallowing our pride and ego which reflects the simplicity of our actions. This greatly puts a positive impact on the people working with us as our colleagues, our superiors, and our subordinates and therefore it helps us in maintaining healthy and cordial relations with everyone at the workplace at all levels. 

  • Enhances work efficiency: 

The act of forgiveness is one of the purest forms of showing compassion towards others. By forgiving others and amending with people around us, we get to achieve a relieved state of mind which helps us in focussing on our work in a better way. This improved concentration enhances our efficiency levels and navigates us on the way of our professional growth.

  • Improves decision making: 

Forgiveness is a virtual act of self-growth. By forgiving others and apologizing for our mistakes from others we get to relieve our mind from the probable anxiousness of disrupted relations. This gives us clarity to our thoughts which further improves our power of decision making. With a clear head and peaceful mind, the person becomes capable of making the right decisions for the welfare of the company as well as for their own selves. 

  • Helps us in Spiritual growth

Maintaining cordial relations with others at our workplace gives us a sense of fulfillment arising from our work. By working with complete harmony and peace of mind, we tend to grow not only professionally but also spiritually since we start loving our work. This peaceful set of mind leads us towards overall personal development and helps us in living a happy and content life. 

The act of forgiveness helps an individual in remaining calm and detach them from the feeling of pride, therefore when a person learns how to forgive others and how to bend and ask for forgiveness for the wrongful act done by themselves, they understand that no one is above or beneath humanity and they always stay down to earth far away from the feeling of ego or pride leading them to grow professionally, personally and spiritually.