Words are as powerful as swords. They are impactful to others and to self, which is why affirmations are considered highly influential for our minds. They have certain energy attached to them which makes them highly moving and provoking. 

 When we write or read affirmations, we basically recite them to our brain which in turn reprograms our subconscious mind. By repeating the affirmation on daily basis, we keep recalling our brain the truth we want it to believe and even though it may not be our present reality, the affirmations change our mindset towards it, creating a new actuality. 

The reason why affirmations i.e. positive affirmations are important for our well-being is that through them we restructure our minds to create a positive reality for our lives. It helps us re-access what we want for our lives as what we write or speak is sometimes different from what we feel. Hence, writing or reading positive self-affirmations are important to analyze our own choices. 

Side view of meditating woman sitting in pose of lotus against clear sky outdoors

The following are the reasons why Positive affirmations are significant for our Inner Well-Being: 

  To remind ourselves of our Blessings

When we practice positive affirmations, we recall ourselves of all the blessings that we own in life.  They help us realize how privileged we are to have such things that make us feel eternally happy and grateful for our lives. 

  To focus on the Positive Side

Human life is never fulfilled in general as being a human being we have a natural tendency to want more. This constant want deprives us of feeling the good positive side of life that we live in. Hence, Positive affirmations are good to develop a sense of positivity within us for our own well-being. 

  To feel Abundant and Full

As we all have heard of the phrase “Glass half-full or Glass half-empty”, this is how actually life is based on our respective perspectives. We see the world the way we want to see it. Therefore, positive affirmations to self help us see life with an upside of glass-half-full that is how much our life is full of abundance. 

  To value every ounce of what we possess

Sometimes in life, we are of the view to focus more on what we lack than on what we possess which often makes us left feeling hollow and unfulfilled.  By recalling positive affirmations, we remind our mind of all the things we are blessed to have which help us in cherishing them even more. 

  To send healthy Vibrations into the Universe

We receive from the universe what we send into it, this is why it is said to keep affirming positive things so that our healthy and hopeful vibrations are sent into the universe so we could receive everything well what we want for ourselves as it is the law of the universe to offer us what we ask from it. 

The teachings of Pranic Healing have always laid a strong emphasis on the impact of affirmations on our lives as Affirmations are a healthy way to remind our mind about the conscious choices we make for ourselves so we become more confident about our decisions and start living a fulfilled and content life with eternal peace.