Housewives are widely underrated beings of the workforce who work consistently for 24*7 without any holidays, perks, or salaries yet their work is not appreciated as much as it should be. 

During these unprecedented times of current lockdown when everyone is suffering, housewives are still the unsung heroes who are working relentlessly even more than before, for serving the needs of their family from time to time. This calls for an urgent need for them to recognize the need for their own mind and body to stay fit in order to sustain themselves in this difficult time. 

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Here are a few general guidelines which should be followed by all the housewives to stay well put especially during the pandemic: 

- Take care of physical health by improving your Immune system: 

Women of the house always take charge of keeping their family healthy and fit and also take all possible measures to maintain hygiene as much as possible. In this critical time when no one is safe and anyone could be exposed to the life-threatening virus, the housewives must take extra care of their own health and hygiene so they have the immunity to stay strong. 

If it gets difficult to take any extra measures to keep the immunity strong, the housewives must at least heal the aura of their energy body by doing self-healing or taking proactive healing to cleanse and energize the energy body which helps in restoring the required immunity in the body. 

- Don’t let your mental Energy Drain excessively: 

Quite often it so happens that housewives get so involved in taking care of the household work that they do not get to save enough energy for doing things for their own health. This adversely affects not just their physical health but their mental well-being as well. 

This is why it is advised that housewives must take some time out to meditate so their mental energy is revitalized regularly. By practicing guided meditation like Twin-Hearts meditation, the mind of the individual automatically heals itself with the help of divine energy that flows through the energy body during meditation. This could become a vital source of energy for housewives by helping them stabilize their mental and emotional well-being daily. 

- Keep the Chakras Aligned: 

Housewives work constantly throughout the day to keep things working in order. They are on the run the whole day which not only just drains their aura but also accumulates the diseased energy in their energy centers called chakras. 

Chakras are the energy wheels responsible for incorporating vitality and energy into the body. All chakras should be properly aligned, cleansed, and energized effectively to keep the energy body fit and healthy which is why the women of the house must be specifically aware and must practice healing techniques to keep their chakras fully functional and activated. 

There is no specific rulebook as to how women should and should not be taking care of themselves. Even if they start taking care of the important things and follow the regular healing mechanisms, they can stay positive, happy, and healthy throughout with considerate energy force.