For hundreds of years, we are witnessing the consistent quest of the world’s biggest powers and humans of supreme intelligence to conquer the world. Some of the powerful territories employ their robust resources to exhibit their dominance over the rest. Yet all the lives still come to an end with a void in the heart. Even after achieving their desired targets, they still end up fighting their inner conscience where everything seems unfulfilling. It all happens because of the accumulated vacuum in their heart because of being unable to reach for their inner being. 

It happens with everyone. Every person who isn’t connected to their inner being fails to align with their heart and mind and ends up with deep inner hollowness. We ought to experience a significant gap between our desires and our reality, which restricts our soul from feeling content. We are fuelled with enormous energy which we mostly employ in fulfilling our dreams and for achieving our targets, which should rather be channelized towards raising our inner awareness so we have control over our hearts and our minds.

This transition is important for our spiritual growth which could be attained if we do the following:

Activate the Heart and Crown Chakra 

The energy flows into our body through energy gateways known as chakras. Heart chakra and Crown chakra are the two important chakras responsible for incorporating spiritual energy into our bodies. Where heart chakra maintains the emotional intelligence in a person, the heart chakra is responsible for driving the inner compassion and kindness towards the entire universe. Therefore we must keep both the chakras fully activated to maintain a spiritual balance between our emotions and our growth. 

Raise Self Awareness and Consciousness 

Our hearts and our minds control our thoughts and emotions. If you wish to change the direction of your perspectives and want to navigate your emotions towards the betterment, you need to raise the inner consciousness along-with developing self-awareness so you could take complete charge of your heart and mind to direct your thoughts towards positive. 

Upgrade our divine connection 

The crown chakra and heart chakra are responsible for integrating the spiritual connection as when these two chakras are fully activated; our energy body becomes able to receive divine energy and allows it to flow into our body raising our inner consciousness and self-awareness. Since a spiritual connection is our ultimate destination, taking charge of the direction of our thoughts is the most crucial step of our spiritual development. 

Deepen our will for compassion and kindness 

Compassion is our sympathetic awareness along-with our empathetic contribution to helping others. For someone to connect spiritually, they need to have a sense of eternal kindness towards everyone. When an individual has an aligned heart and crown chakra, they experience an extensive expansion of compassion in their heart and their will to do good to others becomes substantially active. 

The tools, teachings, and techniques of Pranic Healing activate our chakras and align our energy body. When we experience control over our thoughts and our emotions by taking charge of our hearts and minds, we are certain to walk on the path of definite spiritual growth and development.