“Life is like an echo. What you send out comes back to you many, many times! Practice loving-kindness.” 

-Master Choa Kok Sui

Kindness is a way of living. The way we put our inner kindness to use defines the quality of our inner being. There are many ways of showing kindness and being compassionate is the closest reflection of exhibiting inner kindness and so every human being who wishes to discover the true path of spirituality should learn to practice eternal compassion as it is what brings a soul in connection to their higher-self. Doing well to others is a choice that should naturally come from within as only then it would mean the true will to do good. As much as we help others, we start seeing ourselves as an instrument of service for humanity so all we need to do is to recognize our power of giving as when we give in abundance, we ought to receive in abundance. 

Pranic Healing is based on the same foundation of how the inner will of a person to help others comes back to them in any form of kindness. Every practice of Pranic Healing is directly or indirectly connected to developing the feeling of compassion towards others.

Kindness Helping Service Share Support Volunteer

Different practices of Pranic Healing promote a different idea of giving and helping others such as: 


The first and foremost source of showing ideal compassion in Pranic Healing is Healing itself. Compassion isn’t restricted to helping others rather the service to humanity originates from helping self first, therefore healing others to help others overcome the pain and suffering, as well as healing yourself to derail self agony is a form of Compassion that you show towards the outside and the inner world that resides in you. 

-Twin-hearts Meditation: 

Pranic Healing introduced the world to one of the powerful sources of meditation known as Twin-hearts meditation. The Twin Heart meditation is known to activate the heart chakra and crown chakra of the person, which lets the divine energy to enter and flow into the entire energy body. The crown chakra is the divine source of universal love, activating which develops the feeling of love and kindness towards one, and the person practicing it starts serving people with all of their inner will for the betterment of entire humanity. 


Practicing forgiveness is another form of showing compassion to others. When we forgive someone from the heart we free them as well as our own heart and mind from the grudges we have been holding all along. Our spirit needs liberation and by forgiving others we provide a sense of relief to our heart and also to the other person who has been suffering in the agony of their own wrongdoings which why the practice of forgiveness is considered a great source of showing compassion towards someone.  

-Generating Good Karma: 

Doing good to others and helping those in need is a direct form of serving humanity and showing compassion to others. When we donate, help, and share with other people in need with our inner will and without the involvement of any personal interest of hidden motive, we tend to generate good karmas in our life. This direct form of helping others is true compassion that defines our inner being and connects us to our higher self. 

-Great Invocation and Blessings: 

Asking for the blessing from the higher power is another depiction of our inner compassion towards others. Pranic Healing greatly emphasizes the power of great invocation and blessings towards helping the community and the entire world. When we truly want well for others, we seek almighty’s blessings to help them which depict our inner will to do go good for everyone and connect us deeply not only with our inner-being but with the divine higher power as well. 

Every practice of Pranic Healing is directly or indirectly connected to the act of compassion which is the will to do good because we reap the fruits of what we sow, so let it all be inner peace and contentment.