A lot of people especially spiritual believers are of the opinion that anything that happens with an individual is relatively the consequence of his/her actions of the past. This is known as the Karmic Effect. Karmas are known to be independent of any other aspect of life. It is based on the belief that you get what you do, maybe in a different form but its impact is more or less the same. This is why it is said that we must perform good deeds so we receive all that is good. Karmas are a reflection of our past that are believed to shape our present as well as our future. 

Since we have taken birth as human beings, we are assigned the privilege and power of minimizing and changing the effects of our karma on our upcoming life. Ever since the concept of ‘karma’ came into the light of understanding, a number of religions and spiritual practitioners introduced various techniques and ideas by which the effect of karma can be altered into a positive direction for our respective benefits as an individual.

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Here we are listing a few general ideas and views that are accepted by the majority of karma believers that could change the effects of our karma: 

·         Generating good karmas: 

The best way to minimize the repercussions of our possible negative past actions is by generating more and more good karmas in the present. Performing good deeds not only neutralizes the effect of our previously committed ill actions but also helps in increasing the positive outcomes. Therefore if we really intend to improvise the karmic effect of our deeds, we must observe our actions so we focus on doing more good. 

·         Practicing Forgiveness:

We often bound ourselves with grudges and harsh feelings we hold for other people which limit our spiritual growth. This tendency of tying knots in our hearts restricts our way towards good work which is why we must learn to practice the art of forgiveness for our own good. Practicing forgiveness opens the doors of our heart and we become more aware of doing things that generate good deeds, this increases the reserve of our good karma improving our overall quality of a peaceful life. 

·         Attempt to make amends: 

Just the way forgiveness is letting go of the mistakes of others, making amends is realizing your own mistakes and making attempts of asking for forgiveness from other people. Making amends does not necessarily mean apologizing but it also means smoothening your relationship with people with whom you have been sharing a rough connection. Understanding the importance of a peaceful relation is known to be a part of generating good karmas in your life. 

·         Meditate:

Meditation is a tool of self-awareness and developing self-consciousness. By reflecting upon our inner self, we become aware of our surroundings, our choices, and our deeds. This awareness helps us in choosing to do the right thing which eventually puts a positive impact on the karmic consequences of our life which is why we must meditate regularly so we are constantly aware and are able to guide ourselves in the right direction. 

These ways of improving our karmic give us a path to build a morally sound soul, which is accepted and followed by spiritual believers globally in some way or another way.