Our body has two aspects of our being. One is our physical body which is visible to us from our physical eyes and the other one is our Aura, known as the energy body which constituents different energy centers, each of which has its own purpose. These two bodies are interrelated to each other in a way that anything that happens to one, it ought to affect the other. 

Pranic Healing is the science that works on our energy body. The healers magnify the source of origination of the ailment by scanning process and then heal the respective chakra associated with the functioning of that particular organ or part of the body. The study of Pranic Healing is based on the understanding of Aura and its significance in living a healthy life. 

Pranic Healing is a simple science of energy healing that could be understood by any individual with normal human intelligence. To fully comprehend the concepts of the luminous energy body and its techniques and to put that learning into use, a person needs to follow their way into the process with all the steps being given their due course of time. 

There are three simple avenues of understanding:

1.       Learn: 

The concept of the energy body, its constituents in the form of different energy centers, known as Chakras which work as gateways for the energy body and their working are of the utmost significance in Pranic Healing. The understanding of these concepts and techniques is simple and easy to perceive yet they need to be learned with the expertise to put that knowledge into use.

Learning about: 

·         Aura and Chakras

·         Significance of each chakra

·         Scanning 

·         Ways of Cleansing the chakras

·         Energizing the chakras 

·         Stabilizing the energy given

The above-mentioned areas are the basics of learning Pranic Healing which should be understood and learned with deeper insights and good faith. 

2.       Practice: 

Concept understanding is the prime most step of learning Pranic Healing followed by the next important thing which is Practice. The theoretical learning of the techniques is crucial but there is no significance of it without practicing what’s learned. Pranic Healing is classified into different courses for a step by step process of learning, therefore it is important that the person must not only learn the particular course but should also practice it enough before going onto the next one. 

Lack of Practice hampers the process of quality learning and if any person just keeps on learning the courses theoretically, it would accumulate the confusion in techniques since every course has its own relevance and each one of them should be practiced efficiently.  


Every person has their own reason for learning Pranic Healing but the basic intention is always the same which is to become able to heal themselves and others. No matter what is the purpose of anyone’s learning, the actual motive of the person is always to put that learning and practice into healing. 

When a person successfully completes a course and has practiced enough, they can start their journey of healing since the complete understanding of each and every technique and thorough practice of those techniques give confidence to the person to actually heal either themselves or someone else. 

Every step of learning, practicing, and healing is important for becoming a successful healer. Therefore, each one of them should be given their due importance to get into the real essence of Pranic Healing.