We have come alone in this world, we sure will leave alone the world, but to live here we need people around us. As soon as we take birth we are connected to a family, a society, and a certain culture that we represent, where we are subject to maintain different relations, as someone‚Äôs child, a sibling, a spouse, or a friend.  Even if we are not closely related or connected to everyone, we are acquainted with many people inside and beyond our society and culture. These acquaintances, some short, some longer, may seem insignificant but every relation and every connection means something. We spend all our lives making bonds with people and detaching to others and so we understand how important it is to maintain our relations since it is an actual way of living, by sharing our lives with different people. 

The importance of relationships in life gives way to different means of maintaining healthy chords with people. At some point, every individual struggles to maintain a relationship, and no matter how important or insignificant that relation is, the roughness between people is affecting in some way or the other. The intensity of the effect varies depending upon the depth and kind of the relation, but the impact is indeed present. 

Pranic Healing has introduced us to a magnificent tool known as Twin-Hearts Meditation which is exclusively effective in strengthening our spiritual connectivity leading us on a path of eternal peace and a feeling of harmony towards all.

It benefits us in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship as it:

Expands your virtue

One of the ideal advantages of doing Twin Heart meditation is that it makes our hearts understand the importance of righteousness in our life. Twin Hearts meditation makes us more accepting and welcoming by activating our heart chakra and crown chakra. The ability of our soul to accept people the way they are subsequently increases which molds us into a warm person who embraces the diversity of personalities. 

Makes us forgiving      

Another important aspect of our relationships is forgiveness. The ability of our heart to forgive those who have wronged us greatly determines the strength of our relationships since no person is perfect and everyone is prone to committing mistakes in their lives. It is our capacity and willingness to forgive people that establish the longevity of a relationship as more forgiving our heart would be; more harmonious would be our relationships. Twin Hearts Meditation nurtures our ability to forgive others which helps us in letting go of the harsh feelings and frees us from our inner grudges against people. 

Inner Peace and Positivity

More than the explicit conflicts with people around us, it is our inner battle with ourselves that affects our relationships with others. A person who has a disturbed state of mind is more vulnerable than others and is more likely to get offended which gives rise to disagreements and disputes among people. 

Twin Hearts meditation is a wonderful tool that lets the divine energy flow into our energy body by activating our Crown chakra and Heart chakra. The flow of this divine energy increases our spiritual connection and becomes our source of eternal peace and joy. When we start feeling eternally peaceful, our heart transforms into a positive one making us feel harmonious and amicable towards all. 

Instils Kindness 

Kindness is a way of living that leads us to spirituality. It is the most important feeling that we must possess to make our relations truly healthy, happy, and strong. By practicing twin hearts meditation daily, our virtue for compassion expands and we start developing the feeling of empathy and sympathy towards everyone which enhances our inner will to do good for one and all and transforms our relations with everyone around us. 

To experience the magical transformation through Twin Hearts Meditation, develop a habit of practicing it daily as it a great way to build inner positivity which eventually is eventually reflected on our outer persona.