Dreams and Aspirations are the basic reality of human life. They are the motives that provoke individuals to work and also give them a reason to live by. It is a crucial part of personal development that boosts people to leave their comfort zone and encourages them to work hard for it. When we aspire to achieve something, our ways to attain it take the shape of a fixed approach that we must follow to get there. That direction of life completely transforms the way we live our life which subsequently increases our expectations from life. 

Expectations could be from:

·         Relationships and/or, 

·         Personal/professional aspirations or dreams

It’s a basic human nature to expect definite results when we work hard for something. If we commit to a relationship and give our 100 percent to let it work, we are certain to incline towards expecting something from another person as well since a relationship is a two-way road and it can only work if both the people concerned are committed enough towards it. Similarly when a person dreams to achieve something in life and works hard for reaching that goal, he/she is ought to expect results in every step of their way. 

Expectations have both pros and cons that affect an individual at so many levels. On one hand, they are the driving forces that put leverage on a person’s efforts; on the other hand, they are huge threats to their mental well-being since the unfulfilled expectations lead to emotional disappointments. To overcome the energy regrets arising from expectations, we need to train our minds to become emotionally and mentally equipped in re-evaluating our expectations so they do not hamper our personal growth and development. 

The fundamentals to re-evaluate and artistically develop your mindset in not letting expectation affect your life are:

Let go of the Fear:

Expectations demand discipline to follow rules and live life as planned so the outcome is positive to the desired extent. If we somehow fail to follow the approach that is required to let the results as per our expectations, we fear that we might fail and that fear starts consuming the energy of our efforts. The first thing to learn to limit and evaluate our expectations is to let go of the fear of failure so we could step out of a rigid process and start exploring different ways to fulfill our dreams. 

Release the Pressure: 

Believe it or not, our expectations ought to burden us with their fulfillment. To avoid falling into the pit of unnecessary strain arising out of our own expectations, we need to analyze our thoughts to understand if anxiety is worth bearing because it doesn’t change anything; instead, it only hampers our process and slows down our progress with its effect on our mental structure. 

To overcome the effects of accumulated diseased energy, we need to cleanse our thought process to make room for fresh energy so the pressure is re-routed towards the path of achieving inner contentment irrespective of our expectations. 


Sometimes we are the best critic who we could ever have. The process of growth demands self-awareness so we could carefully analyze our needs and desires. Sometimes slowing the process literally helps us in understanding the real needs which often eliminates unnecessary and hypothetical desires which are important to relieve us from the burden of our expectations from ourselves and others.

Consider the Possibilities: 

The rigidity of our rules that we define for ourselves to achieve something restricts our actual growth. We often forget that maybe the universe has some better plans for us than we have for ourselves and so we force ourselves to stay on the rulebook of life. 

By cleansing the energy centers, we could bring clarity in our decision making and source of our choices which could help us in exploring the vast expanse of other alternatives which could bring us a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

The entire process of re-evaluation and reassessment of our own choices and expectations from life requires a greater level of self-awareness and self-consciousness which could be developed by comprehensive techniques of Pranic Healing under various courses.