The spread of the Corona Virus has gotten everyone scared and feared for their life and it has caused more distress among the people since there has been no definite cure that’s been identified yet against the deadly disease. This has raised concern all over the globe and has apparently terrorized people for survival. 

To curb the ill-effects of virus spread and to stay un-hinged with the fear, the best that people all over the world can do is take all the preventive measures possible to avoid exposure to any potential symptom of the virus.  There are plenty of measures in the teachings of Pranic Healing that can be taken by people to strengthen their immunity power since the symptoms of Corona Virus are quite simple and easily identifiable. Though it takes days to surface them properly yet they can be easily recognized like cough, fever, tiredness, and difficulty in breathing.

To keep a check on the possible rise in symptoms, one must be aware and should try to strengthen their immunity power which can be done by:

1.       Practicing Pranic Breathing: 

Pranic Breathing is a very strong technique to keep the breathing system in a swift motion in accordance with the complete respiratory system of the body. Since one of the majorly affected parts in Corona is the respiratory organ. Therefore everyone must focus on keeping their breathing system healthy and must learn to practice Pranic Breathing techniques which relaxes the diaphragm and cleanses the lungs effectively. This intensifies the immunity power of the human body and strengthens their respiratory system. 

2.       Meditation: 

Meditation is known to have numerous benefits from its practice. Doing regular meditation keeps the person physically healthy and mentally focussed. It also puts a great impact on strengthening the overall immune system of the body, therefore, it should be included in the routine life of every person to stay keep one’s mind away from stress arising due to the corona pandemic and also to attain a stronger immune system. 

Practicing the guided twin-heart meditation especially can be a lot helpful in keeping a steady pace in these critical situations. It not only brings eternal peace and positivity of mind but also helps in letting the divine energy flow in the entire body, thus restructuring the disintegrated health rays of the body. 

3.       Using Salt-Water: 

Saltwater has multiple usages and benefits. It is mostly known to disintegrate the diseased energy and is used as one of the effective measures to clean the energy body. Therefore salt water can be used as a precautionary measure in the virus spread by using it in:

·         Salt-Water bath- Taking a salt-water bath regularly can be of great help in disintegrating the diseased energy from the body which gets accumulated daily. Therefore it is advised to take salt-water bath regularly for better results every day.

·         Salt-Water Gargles: Since saltwater works as one of the effective tools in removing the infection from the body the infections related to respiratory organs, doing saltwater gargles daily can greatly help in disintegrating the throat infection and would stop it from any further spread. 

4. Pranic Healing Treatment:

Energy body and Physical body are interrelated, what happens to one affects the other and visa versa. As a healer you can do check up of energy body through scanning technique and can apply the regular self preventative healing for self and your loved ones. In case you are not a

healer, you may take help of professional healing to get energy scanning done and healing to keep your energy body strong which will highly effective to keep the physical body healthy.

It is always better to take all possible precautions beforehand and it is even more crucial in corona pandemic since there is no definite cure that is legalized for the disease yet.