‘Prana’ is the ultimate source of energy and the birthing center of our creation called ‘soul’. It is the most unadulterated form of energy that is responsible for our formation as a being. Our body is constituted of this energy, but it is completely different from it. Their existence is independent yet their survival is possible only with each other. 

We as humans differentiate with other beings depending upon their behaviour, their feelings, their worth, their quality and numerous other dimensions whereas the soul knows no identity, no specification or any discerning views about the other. Its individuality is distinctive, unbiased and the purest. This is why it is said that we must look for the soul in a person and not their appearances since it is the true essence of an individual.

The science behind the study of Pranic Healing is also based on ‘Prana’ meaning life force. The significance of ‘Prana’ in life is the concrete foundation of the discovery of Pranic Healing. Since every being is made up of energy, the treatment through Pranic Healing means healing the energy force. The physical body and the energy body of a being is so inter-related to each other that when there is any ailment or discomfort in the physical body, it also contaminates the energy body and so if healing is done on the energy body it heals the physical body as well by removing the diseased energy from the energy body or ‘prana’. 

The ‘Prana’ or soul not only needs to be cleansed and energized but it also requires it to be in a state of high self-consciousness. The techniques of Pranic Healing, therefore also include one of the imperative sources of energy transformation, known as Twin-Hearts meditation. It is the ultimate tool of blessing for human beings to achieve eternal peace, calm, and satisfaction for one-self and developing the feeling of loving-kindness for all the beings of mother earth. The flow of this positive energy in the soul while practicing the twin-hearts meditation activates both the heart chakra and crown chakra of a person bringing the emotional and divine balance in their hearts and minds. 

The ‘Prana’, being the core of our creation is the source of energy force responsible for our existence and therefore it is of vital importance to keep the ‘prana’ healthy and energized for a blooming survival.