“Service and tithing are avenues through which the soul manifests itself” 

-Master Choa Kok Sui

Master has always been quite vocal about the importance of compassion in one’s life. He spent his entire life serving others and enlightening people about different ways of finding their inner contentment. He always understood compassion as a tantamount for achieving peace and has always emphasized on delivering as much compassion as possible to the world. 

Compassion is the joy of living that teaches a person to become human from within. It teaches us the significance of being there for others in the time of their need.  It expands the ability of a person to love by enlightening their spirit with the importance of being kind to others and allows the inner soul to be at absolute peace with whatever we have. Compassion is the first step towards spiritual awakening as it opens our heart and our soul for others which is all we need to reach for our inner being and manifesting the eternal peace. 

Compassion heals oneself

Compassion is a doorway to heal ourselves. When we start being kind to others and show empathy towards other beings of the planet, we start healing our inner self as by curing other people’s pain, and attempting to reduce their suffering, we start finding the peace within which further heals our spirit from within. 

Increases good karma 

We are bound by the karmas of our lives. Karmas are like echoes as whatever we do to others is ought to return to us in any possible form.  When we offer compassion to people, we generate good karma, the fruit of which, we are certain to bear in our life which is always peaceful and fulfilling. 

Improves the relationships 

Relationships are an integral part of human life and compassion is that act of kindness which strengthens the foundation of our relationship with others. Showing compassion and empathy develops trust, improves connectivity spreads love and joy and surrounds our life with happiness and inner contentment. 

Provides Inner Peace 

When we start walking on the path of spiritual development, we start understating the importance of spreading kindness in the world. We cannot be awakened spiritually unless we open our hearts for others; hence compassion makes our life find its true meaning by becoming the foundation of our spiritual growth. Therefore we must shower people with enough kindness by being compassionate and empathetic, so we can increase our spiritual connection to ourselves and the ultimate divine power. 

Instrument of Positivity

Doing good to others could never be bad. We are always going to reap the fruit of positivity by being compassionate to others as it not only improves our relationships with others but also helps us find our inner peace. Compassion always runs parallel to positivity and therefore we must always be kind to others to spread positivity in the environment and within ourselves. 

Pranic Healing has numerous lessons that teach us to be kind and compassionate to others as it is one of the most important keys to finding inner peace, happiness, contentment, and healing.