Pranic Healing is both an art and science of energy healing .it is known to treat people suffering from various ailments and disorders, from mental illnesses. But Pranic Healing is also beneficial in helping people to overcome multiple arrays of challenges of life, like relationship healing, professional healing, and healing people in achieving financial independence as well. 

It is as important for every individual to attain financial autonomy in order to live a peaceful life as it is to have a healthy body. Earning money and having financial security could be a pretty challenging job for a lot of people but since it is of crucial importance, people constantly search for ways and opportunities to attain a fair source of income. 

Most people are of the view that a sound higher education and a reputable job are doorways to grow financially. But very have this knowledge that hard work in studies and jobs is sometimes not enough to attain the objective since we witness plenty of people every day who work so hard to earn yet they fail miserably and they become clueless about the situation as what wrong are they doing in life that is retraining from growing financially. 

Based on spiritual beliefs, following are the potential ways through which an individual can effectively enhance their financial growth: 

1.       Opening Up of Chakras: 

Chakras are the essential elements of our energy systems. The centre chakras present are especially responsible for finances and for helping in making right decisions to stay focussed and courageous. Therefore to attain success in various sectors of life, it is important that all our chakras are energized and properly balanced. Pranic healing teaches various techniques through its different courses especially through Pranic Psychotherapy in which it is taught how to clean and energize the week chakras affecting our prosperity. This balance aligns and strengthens the aura and helps the person in attracting infinite prosperity in life. 

2.       Generating Good Karma: 

Karmas are our actions and deeds of the past and current which affect our present and future. The teachings of Pranic healing throw light on the understanding of Karma and their impact on our lives. It is of the view that if we are following any obstruction in life even when we are putting all possible efforts, it may be because of our past Karmas and to overcome the ill-impact of the bad karmas done in the past, we need to generate good ones in our present and future so their effect can subsidize the effect of the bad ones and we start succeeding in our lives including our financial gains. 

3.       Meditation: 

Meditation is a great way to raise self-awareness and to enhance self-consciousness. Pranic Healing introduces us to one of the powerful forms of meditation which is Twin-Hearts meditation. Practicing twin hearts meditation not only lets the divine energy flow into our body but it also activates the heart chakra and crown chakra of the individual practicing it. These chakras are responsible for spiritual growth in a person and thus activating these two chakras allows the person to achieve infinite abundance including growth in financial aspects of life as well. 

These teachings of Pranic Healing help the person in overcoming day-to-day hindrances of life and also give clarity of mind by helping in taking the right decisions and making the right choices in life.