We are comprised of and surrounded by energies all around us. Everything, every thought, every action or decision we do, make or think, is made up of energy, and whatever the kind of energy we throw into the universe it ought to come back to us in one way or the other. 

This is why it is said we must constantly keep a positive mindset and must commit good deeds since we tend to receive it all in the same spirit as is delivered by us. Our actions and thoughts have energies that contain vibrations, and those vibrations spread into the universe to reflect back on us in the same manner.

 Our thinking could be our ‘Creator or ‘Destroyer’, depending upon the direction, intensity and the intention of our thoughts. When we face hindrances in achieving something, it is more because of the limitations put by us on our thought process. By thinking about the limited possibility of happening of an event, we seem to give direction to the universe about its potential constraints which eventually comes into reality from its virtual existence. This is why it is advised by most of motivational speakers and optimists around the world, that we must choose our thoughts and words very precisely as the energy of every word would go out in the universe and will come back with a similar impact in different forms. 

Therefore it is important that each one of us must practice positive affirmations in life to actually receive a positive outcome. Most healthcare practitioners emphasize keeping a positive attitude towards the treatment process because it has strong magnetic energy to direct the results into a positive one. Engaging self in chanting and writing positive affirmations plays a very crucial role in the recovery process of the respective individual.  It enhances the treatment’s capacity by throwing out the positivity into the universe which brings out miraculous results for the patients. When we keep repeating something, we tend to remind ourselves repeatedly about the possibility of that occurrence. This repetition sends positive vibrations in the universe which automatically reflects affirmatively in from of the happening of that event.

With the increasing awareness and growing faith of people on the impact of a positive mindset in life, people are coming up with new ways of keeping their spirits high and are indulging themselves in the acts of building a positive environment around them.  These affirmations not only help in spreading positivity but they also become a great source of reducing stress and providing clarity to the mind. It serves as a great way to refresh one’s mind as the person majorly focuses on the possibility of the happening of the event and not on the potential challenges. 

Similarly, the healers and therapists ask their patients to stay positive in the process of healing is because it adds to the faith of patients in their healing treatment it also increases their receptivity towards healing. It is important for the patients to trust the healers and their healing mechanism completely as without trust, the chances of treatment to succeed are enormously compromised. 

Positive affirmations offer a great source of motivation, encouragement, and confidence by narrating happy endings to the mind making it a reliable mechanism of achieving success and growth.