The current pandemic is teaching all of us numerous lessons about having enough courage, mindfulness, perceptions, and insights to survive during uncertain times. People are constantly realizing the importance of healthiness and attentiveness to act instantly upon an unwelcoming situation. It is not something that should ideally be a matter for people with great intelligence and practice, instead, the necessity of practical wisdom has now risen to be of general importance for everyone.

Presently, we are living in the modality of high vulnerability where no one is equipped with enough defence mechanisms to immune themselves from the unfortunate. People’s life is filled with fear, uncertainty, and lack of direction for making the right decisions. Hence, it is of crucial importance to imbibe ourselves with sufficient know-how about acting during the crises and to overcome the ill-effects of the aftermaths. 

Pranic Healing is endowed with a master combination which we are referring to as the Triple T or TTT i.e.

·         Tools

·         Techniques, and,  

·         Teachings, 

which comprise of a set of actionable strategies that could help us not only in fighting the calamity but also train us to grow from our possible sufferings. Following are the major components by which an individual could significantly gain practical wisdom: 

Through Proactive Healing: 

The best and the most effective way to attain practical wisdom is through healing. When an individual has a clean aura and aligned health rays with balanced chakras, he/she tend to have clear perceptions about everything and they become sufficiently attentive to act significantly in the difficult times. 

By strengthening the mental power 

Mental power is the most important asset for a human intelligence, which is why a person should have a strong mental structure to make the right rational decisions in time. The techniques of Pranic Healing make the person sharply decisive through which a person grows exponentially as  decisiveness is the key to make the right choice at the right time.

By improving the emotional Well-Being 

Fear and Panic have the power to bend even the strongest minds. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that a person has sufficient ability to manage the stress and anxiety so their spirits do not shake with the turbulence of an uncertain happening. Pranic Healing specifically focuses on making a person emotionally healthy since it is the basic source of an individual’s overall well being. 

Raising Self-Awareness:

A person could overcome and grow through crises only if he/she has sufficient self-awareness and consciousness.  To be able to survive the most unprecedented times, a person should be well-informed about their surroundings and themselves to comprehend what choices to make and what decisions t take. Some of the powerful techniques of Pranic Healing like Twin-Hearts meditation is specifically devoted to training an individual to raise their self-awareness and inner consciousness. 

Through Participating in Book Readings: 

GMCKS has wonderfully drafted his powerful teachings and his strong virtues towards life in various books that directly or indirectly teach us various wisdom of life. By participating in the book sessions, we all can revive his teachings to imbibe them in the daily life that shall give us guidance of leaving peacefully and healthily even in difficult times.