Meditation is the best way to connect with your inner being by reaching to the source of your individual energy. The actual idea of meditation is to acknowledge your presence in the universe and aligning yourself with its vibrations. 

When we sit peacefully and just focus on ourselves, our mind starts connecting to the divine energy that helps us in articulating the meaning of our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and we start discovering the true reason for our existence. 

But sometimes, despite our deepest desires of walking on the path of spirituality, we fail to completely divulge ourselves into it and no matter how religiously we try to concentrate, we just couldn’t experience its true essence. It is generally because our mind is preoccupied with anxieties, worries, stress, and invariable thoughts that do disrupt our focus. 

This is a highly common phenomenon experienced especially by beginners in the mediation process. So, here’s a quick guide to help you improve your connectivity with your inner being and to enhance your experience of spiritual connection: 

Focus on Your Breathing: 

Meditation is to find your true self and so the best way to connect with your inner being is to concentrate on your breathing. By following the sensation of your breath, you start gaining the sense of your presence which automatically helps you in understanding the true meaning of your existence. 

Relax your mind: 

It is practically impossible to welcome positive energy into the mind filled with diseased energy. Therefore to let the peace enter your soul, you first have to relax all your senses so you could feel the calm inside your inner self. It is the inner calmness that lets your worries, anxieties, and stresses to fade and opens the door for a constructively positive mindset. 

Importance of Posture: 

Sitting idly anywhere doesn’t help in experiencing absolute mindfulness. To truly feel the state of higher consciousness, you have to be bodily aware of yourself and your surroundings. Therefore the best way to meditate is to keep your body in a stable position either by sitting cross-legged or on a chair with feet on the floor. All in all your posture should be relaxing and stable,  so your body allows the divine energy to enter and flow throughout. 

Observe your thoughts carefully: 

  Acknowledge

  Understand 

  Let Go

Our mind wanders into different directions when we choose to sit in silence in a relaxed state. There are plenty of thoughts that hover around our mind which restrict us to reach for our inner being.  But ignoring those thoughts to achieve calmness is not an ideal way of meditating, instead, you should observe on every one of the thoughts that come across your mind while meditating since acknowledging our thoughts is a crucial step to attain internal peace. 

Practice Regularly:

Practice makes everything perfect. You cannot expect a day's or two’s meditation to direct you straight towards spirituality,. To fully comprehend the actual aspect of mediation, you must practice it daily. As with every new day of practicing meditation, you learn something new about its technique and improve eventually.

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