It is of a belief that in almost every millennium the entire world suffers one such huge crisis that costs the lives of millions of people from all over the planet. No matter how technologically advanced and scientifically upgraded we are, we become helpless at a time and clueless about choosing the direction of our actions. It adversely impacts society and brings down the morale of the entire human race. 

Since childhood, we are taught about the uncertainties that our lives might come across and how we should always be prepared for them and we do take precautionary measures at our personal levels to fight the terror of uncertainty too, but when it comes to the major threats that shake up the entire mankind, almost every person feels helpless and is equally terrified. This is why we need to be prepared as a society too to overcome the disasters that terrify the whole world with its occurrence. 

Group of people holding handssupport team unity

What can we do as a society? 

·         Protect Nature: 

The primary duty of every human being to save their planet is to protect the environment. We can only be saved and could feel safer if we have our natural resources in abundance. As soon as a calamity occurs, it is the reserves of our natural resources that face the threat of draining. Therefore, saving them while everything is still running smoothly and normal should be our topmost priority. Because once the crises hit the grounds of our planet, we would run out of them in no time.

·       Spread Kindness: 

There are constant threats of wars among people, cities, states, and nations over so many things. There is a widespread community fight in the name of religion, color, country, and so many other heads. But whenever a natural disaster hits the world, every conflict starts appearing smaller and people stand terrorized to battle for their lives against something which is absolutely out of their control.  This is why people need to realize how minor every act of human terror is and how we should all live with peace and kindness towards each other so we have enough strength and support to fight against something heavily terrifying for the entire mankind.

·         Contribute for the betterment of society:

People who have enough resources and who are capable to contribute must take the respective initiatives from their side so the entire society is constantly uplifted both financially as well as emotionally. People providing support to others in need must be encouraged and appreciated by everyone so there is never a threat among people about their survival. 

·         Group Meditations: 

The healers of the society must come forward to spread the significance of meditation and must take steps to encourage people for practicing group meditation. When people do meditation in groups, it intensifies the flow of energy and also enhances the motivation of individuals to practice it more and develop it as a habit since meditation helps in striking a balance with emotional and mental level. This way the people could learn on how to remain mentally strong so they could manage the things calmly and peacefully at the time of crisis and could help others too which will automatically evacuate the panic and fear budding in people’s hearts and minds.

There have been plenty of historic events where it has been proved that unity is the ultimate strength of humankind, therefore we must implement the techniques to encourage and develop, and spread more and more awareness about the power of unity among one and all.