Why is it important to cleanse your living place? 

The energy of your space defines your aura. A home with healthy and positive energy greatly affects one’s mind and the energy of their soul. If we live in a positive place with clean surroundings, our mind tends to advocate our thoughts in the right direction with optimistic vibes whereas a place with dull sensations is more likely to lower the spirits down due to unhealthy vibrations. 

Though we must keep our home filled with healthy energy always irrespective of the time we spend there, yet the current period of pandemic lockdown is even more crucial for us to focus on keeping the surroundings of our home healthy, aligned and integrated since now we are spending not just a few hours but days/weeks/months at home now. No matter if you’re staying alone or with your loved ones, it is important to keep the energy of your home fresh and cleansed for your own healthy body and mind. 

We need to become aware of the importance of keeping our home clean and filled with positive energy just as much as we are becoming cautious of sanitizing ourselves since staying clean in an unhealthy space makes no sense at all. 

Following are the simple methods to disintegrate the diseased energy from the home and for keeping the space cleansed and healthy: 

Using Salt-Water: 

The properties of saltwater are very well known to effectively absorb diseased energy. Hence, we must regularly use salt water for cleaning the house in whatever way possible so that the energy of the entire home remains lively, fresh, and free from all forms of toxicity. 

Group Meditation with Family: 

Meditation is the ultimate source of attaining peace since mediation connects us to our higher selves. Group meditations are a great way to channel the energy of individuals and integrate it to bring down the divine energy to it flows into your body, your soul, and your surroundings. Practicing twin-Hearts meditation regularly together with family could be a great way to channel the thoughts into a positive direction which not only calms our mind and heart but also brings positivity into the entire surroundings of our home. 

Positive Family Affirmations: 

Living with the family is a great way to spend the lockdown since the togetherness of our family gives us courage and strength to face this crucial time, yet sometimes there could be a lack of coordination and differences among the members that might affect the family’s peace. By practicing to chant positive affirmations daily, we can revitalize our family’s bonding which tends to bring positive vibrations into the entire space of our home. 

Healing Yourself, Your Family and Home

Healing the energy body is one of the powerful ways to cleanse the diseased cells and energize the aura with utmost positivity. Doing energy healing of yourself, your family, loved ones can keep the state of mind of all the individuals filled with healthy energy, and doing energy healing of home could greatly help in disintegrating the toxic energy from its surroundings rejuvenating it with positive and healthy vibrations. 

Practicing these techniques regularly could greatly help in keeping the surroundings cleansed and healthy and it could also strengthen the immune system of our body, mind as well as home making it a positive place to live in.