Our inner growth is as crucial as our physical growth and even if it is completely in our hands to channelize all the efforts for our personal development, our inner growth is still subjected to certain conditions. 

Irrespective of the will and amount of energy we put into growing spiritually and developing internally, there are certain factors that refrain us from developing completely. 

Seeking Others Approval  

Some people find themselves dependent on other people. Every opinion of others matters to such people. It becomes their natural tendency to wait and seek others’ approval for everything they do. This most likely affects their efforts as the judgment of others hampers their growth and restricts their development.

Series of Negative Thoughts

Pessimism is like a disease that is very difficult to get rid of. When a person gets entangled in a series of negative thoughts, it becomes very tough to break that loop and come out of it. This streak takes efforts, hard work, and strong will to be broken as it restricts a person from growing to their full potential. This is why it is important to break that series of negative thoughts from the mind.

Lack of Self Confidence

Confidence is a very important trait of human personality. A person cannot grow completely unless they have the will as well as the confidence to work for it no matter what it takes. Hence, when an individual lacks confidence, they face difficulty in growing to their complete potential. Therefore, it is important to gain self-confidence first before working towards anything else.

Low Self Awareness  

Sometimes people are not as self-aware as they should be. Some individuals have a lack of self-consciousness to know their surroundings that well. Such people are also not aware of their own power, thoughts, and wisdom they possess. Hence, it is highly crucial to raise self-awareness and develop self-consciousness to grow.

Repetitive Patterns

The life of our past affects our present to a huge level. When an individual follows a repetitive set of patterns, they tend to commit the same mistakes again and again that restricts them to move any further. Hence, it is important to break the chain of such repetitive patterns to grow to their complete potential.

Pranic healing offers a set of helpful and effective tools and techniques to help the person in overcoming the obstacles of personal growth. Therefore, it is a very healthy way of growing spiritually and for inner personal development for a person.