Learning Pranic Healing and becoming a Healer are two different aspects of an individual’s journey of Healing. Even after understanding and learning the different stages of the Pranic Healing course, some people refrain from being called a Healer mostly because of their lack of practice and consistency.

Pranic Healing is simple science that is non-invasive and includes no-touch therapy which could be easily understood by a person of normal human intelligence, yet not everyone who learns Pranic Healing is able to use it wisely. 

The entire idea of teaching Pranic Healing is to make people aware of the existence of such a marvelous technique that empowers the individual to heal themselves and people around them irrespective of their geographical location. 

And in times like now when people are encouraged to become more and more self-reliant and independent, Pranic Healing has an excellent potential to emerge as a source of making people “Aatm-nirbhar”. 

Henceforth, if you believe you are a healer or you have taken the Pranic Healing course ask yourself the following questions to turn your learning into a valuable practice: 

How Strong are your Beliefs? 

The most important aspect of the study of energy science is Belief.  It takes strong faith, willingness to learn and curiosity to understand and know more about the concepts and foundation of the energy science to fully adapt it as a Practice, and therefore people need to strengthen their beliefs before indulging themselves completely in its study. 

Are your Basics Clear enough? 

The basic course is the crucial most part of the Pranic Healing study since it covers the introduction of the concept, the origin of healing, detailed techniques, and tools of scanning, analyzing, and healing. Before moving further into the curse, you need to have a stronghold on the basics of the course so you can understand the rest with precise detailing. 

Are you practicing enough? 

Even though Pranic Healing is learned and understood with theoretical chapters, its practical implications, and practice is what make the learner a Healer. If you have taken all the courses but haven’t practiced enough, then the learning is simply of No use at all, therefore if you wish to heal yourself and others and want to the study deriving effective results, you need to keep practicing its techniques thoroughly.

Do you meditate with Consistency?

As a Healer, it is important that you’re aligned with spirituality. The connection with the almighty is the source of ultimate divine power for a healer. Hence to remain calm, sensitive with your inner being, and aware of your surroundings, you need to meditate with consistency so your chakras are activated and in complete alignment, there is a continuous flow of divine light in your energy body. 

Do you reflect on your Karmas? 

As human beings, it is our deeds and actions that define us. Our karmas become our identity and therefore to walk on the path of spiritual alignment and become a channel of healing self and others you need to have a sense of strong compassion towards others. A good human at heart always focuses on generating good Karmas, therefore as a healer a person must develop a true feeling of kindness and compassion for one and all to be able to help others.