My Experience on Distant Pranic Healing

One of my clients, aged 70 years, had Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 on her face above the eyebrow and wanted me to heal her on Distant Healing mode.

The Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type 1 is an infection that causes Herpes. It can appear in various parts of the body, mostly on mouth, face as blistering sores, some times a string of blisters looking like a snake. Herpes is contagious that can be passed from person to person through direct contact. Any one can be affected by HSV irrespective of their age.  It is generally believed that there is currently no cure for this virus and the treatment focuses on getting rid of sores and limiting outbreaks.

I have followed the protocol exactly and conducted six distant healing sessions, during which the client showed remarkable progress. After some more sessions the HSV type 1 was cured completely.

What is Distant Healing Intention?

According to quantum physics, we live in a world of energy having bearing on our consciousness and attention to events and occurrences. Every thing is energy and everything may be corrected with energy use. Energy of a person can be influenced by the energy of other person or of universe. “The healer and the patient are interconnected because their etheric or energy bodies are parts of the earth’s etheric body. Therefore, the pranic healer can heal the patient at a distance because their energy bodies are interconnected” (Miracles Through Pranic Healing p250). This leads to the concept of healer and healee, Humans are energy beings influenced by the energy of cosmos. The roots of human problems are energy problems. If the energy problems are left unattended, it would result into physical problems or illness. If the energy problem is corrected and eliminated energetically, the physical problem is rectified following the law of correspondence leading to procedure called Pranic healing. The process includes scanning, cleansing, energizing, and stabilizing of Pranic centers called Chakras.

‘Healing is a meditation in motion’ – Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Healer and Patient are interconnected as both are part of the earth’s etheric body. The energy bodies that outline the physical bodies of both have no barriers.  Healing can be done at near proximity in the presence of healer, or at any long distances in the absence of the healer. It is possible to control and transmit healing energies or relieve any energy imbalances over any distance through thought process/intention. Thought forms can be directed towards a target, and the Pranic energy follows wherever you focus your thought or intention. “Pranic energy follows where your thought or intention is focused” (Master Choa Kok Sui – Miracles Through Pranic Healing p250′).  Healers balance and normalize a healer’s bio-energy system, relieving congestion or stale energy and promote the fresh positive energy and balance it, all through a long distance transcending the time-space domain. In short, distant healing is a method of bio-energy healing at any long distance since energy is controlled and can be directed by mind/intention. It is sometimes called as ‘mind healing’ also.  Distant Pranic Healing is very convenient as it allows healer to sit and relax in the comfort of home without the stress of commuting to and from a clinic.

The basic principles behind Distant Healing Intention

In short the following dictums guide the principles of Pranic healing:

  1. a) Principle of Transmittability: The life force can be transmitted from one person to another person transcending space-time.
  2. b) Principle of Receptivity: If a healer is against the healing, he would not receive the life force. He has to be receptive or at least neutral to receive the projected Pranic energy. His receptivity increases if he is relaxed. This aspect is important in case of distance healing because if the healee is not receptive or does not want to be healed, the chances of system failing are high. Some of the reasons for non-receptive nature of the healer are that they do not believe in pranic healing, they do not want to get well for some reason, or for some psychological reasons they are indifferent.
  3. c) Principle of Interconnectedness: The healer and healee are interconnected because they both belong to the earth’s energy body. Hence it is easy to transfer the energies from one to other. This is important principle for distant pranic healing.
  4. d) Principle of Directability: Energy follows thought. Wherever your intention is focused / directed, the energy follows that path. This is an important principle for distant pranic healing


Qualities that the distant healer should have

The distant healer should have the following qualities.

  1. Should be able to visualize a mental picture of the healee to control the healee’s energy field, conduct energy cleansing, energizing and stabilizing. The healer performs mentally the same techniques as for healing a person who is physically present.
  2. Should be able to concentrate on consciousness, fill him with universal or cosmic energy.
  3. Must be able to direct thought processes and suggestions to the healee.
  4. Have a positive and meditative state of mind.
  5. Must be able to scan, feel, determine and assess human energy at any distance.
  6. Should be aware that distant pranic healing is not a replacement or substitute for medical or psychological treatments.
  7. Should be aware that quantum energy stimulates our energy field to balance the body and mental health.

Future of Distance Healing

The distant healing will be the ‘in-thing’ in future keeping in view of the busy schedules of the healees leaving practically no time for themselves. The time spent in commuting will be quite large and hence distant healing will be the only option left. The first interaction between the healer and healee may be on phone and a few healing sessions would be conducted through Skype and of course, payment on line.  In short, the healer and healee may not meet in person at any time.

Whether the healer requires projecting a higher amount of energy in distant healing mode as compared to face-to-face mode, is a big question mark. Though the quantum principles indicate no such thing as transmission loss of energy, but in practice it has to be validated. In depth research is needed to clarify the intrinsic nature of distant healing.


MCKS Pranic Healing practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.

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