We are often so accustomed to learning through set courses that we don’t see or value the learning outside of them.
Just like one doesn’t necessarily need to dive into 9-5 full time practice to be a proficient or a professional healer, one doesn’t need to be an aspiring professional healer to be a regular at the mini retreat at your local wellness sanctuary – The Healing Centre.

Spirituality is a way of life. It is not just doing meditation. – GMCKS

Similarly, you certainly strike gold attending courses, meditations and retreats but you also do so when you attend the nurturing sessions, social events and community-centric activities held by your city’s healing centre.
They not only help you to remain in touch with the priceless teachings but also provide a sense of belongingness to a group of people who are striving to embody the same.
Once you have attended the Basic workshop, there are plenty of ways that you could be an active part of the healing community.

Most of the times, just by showing up at the centre one automatically gets connected to the energy of enthusiasm and excitement about growth, learning and self-improvement.
Not that you aren’t growing or learning otherwise, but I have noticed how sometimes when days are tough or you feel drained or lazy, just showing up at the centre can make all the difference. It can act like the bridge between learning and applying and keeping one inspired in case you lost on that self-driven attitude for some reason.

  • You could be regular at the centre
  • Be a pro at scanning and be responsible at self-healing
  • Attend weekly session like Book Study
  • Try not to miss a fullmoon meditation – Its potent.
You could Volunteer for Food Distribution and Free Healing Camps. See how you feel serving as part of the Healer family – the sense of gratitude and being able to make an instantaneous difference is heart warming!

For it is in Giving that we receive.- GMCKS

You could be resourceful to identify ways and avenues to spread Pranic Healing in the city/ community, volunteer your skills or testimonials/stories to the centre website or share blog posts related to Pranic Healing.
You could introduce your friends & family to experience a free healing session.
You could organize ‘Twin Hearts Meditation’ sessions in your own building, community, school, college, club or nearby park.
We can’t even imagine the number of people waiting for solutions from a credible source!

Allow yourself freedom to grow and that means the freedom to make mistakes.

The word “growing” implies process. Growing implies mistakes. We all make mistakes! Do not make a big fuss when you make a mistake. Just keep going.

Pray, Visualize, Affirm: “I am growing in Pranic Healing. I am a Proficient Healer. Thank you God!” You could practice this after Twin Heart Meditation.

Belonging to a community who is consciously engaged in self-improvement is very refreshing and uplifting.  Very few places have such good energy (no stress) to support your emotional well-being.

You’ll automatically be in touch and practice in the flow. It is also a platform made available to you to provide service without having to worry about logistics, intentions or outcome.

What you produce shows how developed you are. The way you talk must be clear. The mind must be sharpened further so that people can see and sense the clarity of the line of your thoughts.

Eg.: I want to practice Pranic Healing because – I want to heal myself/ keep myself healthy/ help my family/ be a professional healer/ contribute to the society/ be a sensible leader/ be successful in business/ be creative and imaginative, etc.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your limitations are the limitations of the guru or of God.

Don’t Give Up. A lot of great healers had started to see good healing results even without sensitive hands, Master Stephen Co is one of them.

Practice Sensitizing Hands technique for 45 days, preferably after Twin Hearts Meditation. It’s not that you can’t heal efficiently without it, the results will show themselves, but to be a proficient healer you need to work on Scanning. Besides, scanning has way more applications in all walks of life than you can imagine.

You could have a practice session group until you get it!

Validate teachings for yourself.

Start with Self-Healing. There is no greater confidence than to know you have successfully healed an area or ailment in your life. When you next step out to speak to people about Pranic Healing – the impact will be strong because you are fully convinced and have results to back that conviction.

After all, Pranic Healing is all about Practicality and results.

If you want to evolve, you also have to help other people evolve.

Organize Introduction sessions and free healing camps in your building/ locality. Take active part in Pranic Healing social causes & activities. Even at the centre or other cultural centres/ parks you could organize free Twin Heart Meditation sessions as 21day-challenges .

You must grow because you want to grow, but at your own rate.

We are used to consuming more and processing less, we are used to being felt like we are missing onto that if we are focusing on this. That’s why if you remember everyone makes it clear even when each course is a gem, how the Basic course is complete in itself and there is no hidden agenda/ catch or compulsion about finishing courses but there is emphasis on practice and right pace.

Nobody is perfect. We are all in the process of evolving.

We are all learning and we all know and agree if we were perfect we wouldn’t be here on this planet, we’d probably be floating around somewhere amongst clouds and looking down and smiling upon human beings! So there’s no point hesitating.

It’s always better to clarify than to practice something the wrong way and get undesired results. It is always smarter and quicker to pick up tips from senior proficient and experienced healers. Besides, there are many healers who would love to share their expertise, for even teaching is learning twice.

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