If you are here, you would probably know by now that Pranic Healing exists.If you wonder how it works, my experience without a doubt assures me that miracles are possible through Pranic Healing.

Before I was officially introduced to Pranic Healing, I believed that healing is possible without touching and medicine is not the only way. I had a background in healing by prayer. I knew it works because it had worked. I did not know how it worked. After I attended the Basic Pranic Healing course, I could understand better what happens when we pray and how prayer heals a patient.

I know it better now, from my own experience with myself, my wife, child, some relatives, friends, etc. Recovery is instantaneous in some cases although it takes a little more time for some other. Pranic Healing uses life force or ‘Prana’ or energy around us to heal. Did someone also tell you already that it is a no-touch therapy? Yes, it is a no-touch healing treatment. This is the key to unlock how Distant Pranic Healing works.

One of my experiences: a year and a half ago, I came to know from my wife that her little niece (5 years old) was admitted at a hospital from 2 days already due to fever, loose motions, and vomiting. I could imagine the pain of what we would go through for a similar problem at our age. How troublesome could it have been for the little one? As I had learned Basic Pranic Healing by then, I asked the child’s mother if I could help her in healing. She agreed without knowing what it is, intending to get her daughter out of disease and hospital soon with rapid recovery.

One of the techniques taught in the Basic Pranic Healing workshop is ‘Scanning’. Scanning is to analyze the current condition of the patient energetically. While scanning, I discovered more problems (cough, cold and congestion) than what I already knew about her through my wife (fever, loose motions, and vomiting). I immediately texted her mother if the kid had any congestion or trouble breathing. Her mother said ‘Yes, she also has cough, cold and congestion’. My heart rang for a second – I came to know something which was not possible for me to know easily without Pranic Healing techniques. I appreciated the techniques and my confidence level doubled about scanning, healing and Pranic healing as a whole. I did healing as per the protocol given in the book. By evening the kid was recovering faster. The next day in the evening she got discharged from hospital in a healthy condition. And all of this was done when I was in Pune and the kid was at the hospital in Mumbai. This is an example of Distant Pranic Healing that I had experienced.

I have many more incidents like this one in my account to give credit to Pranic Healing for the good health of my family and others.

If you are not sure or aware of distant Pranic healing and its working, remember – just because we do not know something does not mean its non-existent. We should rather need to educate ourselves on what already exists if it needs to be. Just because we cannot see air, we do not deny its existence. We cannot see it but we live by it.

The world was once not aware of the possibility of radio, mobile phone, satellite and other form of cordless communication. Now, if you do not deny the possibility of man-made, metal-built, battery-operated mobile phones connecting to each other via long distant towers or satellites and transfer messages, I suggest you think of nature-(God-) made, organically built, life force operated living human beings – possibly, can connect and transfer thoughts, love, life-force or Prana, blessings, good health and the opposites too.

Have you heard of the Moon and the Sun affecting tides of oceans and seas on earth? Ref: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tide]. How does a plant prepare food using sunlight? Sun is several light-years away!

Like light or heat or gravitational force, life-force or ‘Prana’ also can be transferred to the next person or a person thousands of miles away. We just need to learn how it works and how to work with it.

A few other examples, we could probably have experienced that use similar principles underlying distant Pranic healing:

  1. A situation where you and the other people were going to talk to each other about the same thing without even discussing before – thoughts are transferred
  2. Someone calling you when you are thinking of them or thought about them – thoughts are transferred
  3. You sense that someone is observing you or looking at you even though you do not physically see them with your eyes – a sense of some unknown connection
  4. When you go to a temple, church or finish a prayer at a Mosque, you feel better, energized and healthier – the transference of the positive energy in the form of blessings
  5. When you feel depressed, you think of talking to someone who would understand you and support you – transferring the emotional burden to a capable person or receiving hope and confidence from their words
  6. A photo or audio triggering a certain type of emotion or thought in you – can you imagine looking at an image that can change something in you? If you hear the words you would want to hear, you would enjoy! And if someone uses bad words, it hurts us. – Image and words are distantly working on us.
  7. If you consider someone with higher regard and that person greets you first, the kind of elevated emotion you would experience – you are very receptive, you feel energized and your response also would be elevated. Imagine this level of elevation with a person, you do not like!
  8. When you see something that triggers Goosebumps, you would get it – can you imagine that it is working distantly on you and change something physically in you without even touching you!
  9. Smile of a person, laugh off a kid, beautiful flower, images of gods, people, scenery, nice fragrance or opposites of nice things – all of these evoke some sort of the emotion or the other distantly.
  10. Smile of a person, laugh off a kid, beautiful flower, images of gods, people, scenery, nice fragrance or opposites of nice things – all of these evoke some sort of the emotion or the other distantly.
  11. Smile of a person, laugh off a kid, beautiful flower, images of gods, people, scenery, nice fragrance or opposites of nice things – all of these evoke some sort of the emotion or the other distantly.
  12. Either consciously or otherwise, we experience the distant transfer of thoughts, emotions, life-force, and blessings in our everyday life. Here, I have just mentioned some examples I observed to be connected to the distant working of things or people on us. In Pranic Healing, we consciously study the principles and techniques; and work with them to heal the diseased and make the world a healthy place.
    1. If you or someone you know is unwell and thinking of ways to recover – alongside medicine, Pranic Healing is a very great compliment to rapid and proper recovery. If you want to consider Pranic Healing but doubting its distant working, I recommend you to give yourself the time and opportunity to learn and understand how it works. I am pretty sure; you will thank yourself for such an opportunity.

      Stay Healthy!

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